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Metallurgy cylinder
Detailed description:

The standard hydraulic cylinder of metallurgical equipment is a standard series ones designed to meet the needs of metallurgical industry. It is single piston and double action hydraulic cylinder with two speed ratios (ψ=1.46,ψ=2) and 13 installation forms.

The installation connection dimensions are all in accordance with ISO 6020/1-1981 standard, which is convenient for metallurgical equipment to be selected for various needs, and the working medium can be hydraulic oil and Water glycol .

Model selection


Y-Standard hydraulic cylinders for metallurgical equipment

HG1-Double action single rod piston hydraulic cylinder type 1

E-Pressure code:C=6.3MPa E=16MPa; G=25MPa

D/d-Cylinder diameter(mm)/Piston rod diameter(mm)

100-Stroke of hydraulic cylinder

L-Oil port connection code: L = internal thread connection (for cylinder diameter D≤220); F = flange connection (for cylinder diameter D ≥250)

J-InstallationJ=Basic model

F1=Head Rectangular flange (for cylinder diameter D ≤125)

F2=End Rectangular flange(for cylinder diameter D ≤125)

F3=Head round flange F4=End round flange

F5=Head square flange F6=End square flange

E1=End single ear ring w/joint bearing ; E2=End single ear ring w/sleeve

Z1=Head shaft pin ,

J1=Axial scaffold ;  J2= radial scaffold

H-Additional device code: H = with buffer; omitted = without buffer

L1-Piston rod end connection code: L1= rod end external thread; L2= rod end internal thread

0-Working medium code:0= oil, hydraulic shaft; W = high water base (emulsion)

Note: Model marked with ” ” are currently treated as non-standard.

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